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Mastery over water

Controlling water composition doesn't need to be hard

Coffee is 98% water. That water's composition matters, and we provide you the tools and education to master it.

Ready-to-go powders
For home users and those wanting simplicity. Match our powder blends to your desired cup.
Potion Lab™
Our liquid-based device that gives professionals bespoke control and consistency.
Workshops and education
We are helping spread knowledge on water composition and how to master it.
Professional Tools
Online tools for Potion Lab™ professionals to tweak, experiment and understand.

Simple and effective

Magic Potion Powders

Our tailored mixes let you elevate your coffee experience. Choose from five unique flavour-enhancing mixes.

Easy to use
Just mix with 5 litres of reverse osmosis (RO) water, then brew!
Multiple blends
Blends for delicate black coffee or intense milk coffee alike. Experiment and find your fit!
Suitable for all brewing methods
As long as you use a kettle or reservoir, using our potions is easy.

Professional precision

The Potion Lab™

Go beyond powders and create liquid-based mixtures in seconds with our unique equipment.

Create bespoke mixtures in seconds.
Mix and match source minerals to create custom mixtures in seconds.
Tailor your sensory results.
Test and experiment like never before, optimising water for any bean, roast and brew.
Composition calculated for you.
Our online tools make understanding composition easy, no science degree needed.

Discover Potion Powders

Unique mineral blends for every cup. Put on your wizard cap and find the blend that best suits you!

Soft water with a very low amount of acid buffer. Ideal if you want to allow high acidity and sharp, fruity flavours to come through.

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Frequently asked questions

Questioning the magic? See our FAQs below. If you have further questions, reach out via our Facebook chat.

    • How does Magic Potion work?

      Our core product is mineral mixes. These contain magnesium, calcium and sodium salts that when mixed with pure water, provide an ideal balance of mineral content and acid buffer for brewing coffee.

    • What do I need to use these powders?

      Simple – you just need reverse osmosis (RO) water. You must use pure water as a base. Many people have RO systems at home and several water suppliers actually sell you RO water (Sprinkle, Crystal, 7-11 brand water). Besides this, you will need either a 5 litre container, or two 1 litre containers for doing mixing.

    • How long will the powders last?

      Because of the salts involved, powders will often get a bit clumpy over time. When older, it will take a bit more time and vigorous shaking to dissolve fully. So, we recommend ordering no more than a month worth and getting fresh powders regularly. Not much we can do about this, the chemistry is what it is.

    • What kind of coffee can I brew with this water?

      Anything! All coffee benefits from good water. However, it will generally be easier with immersion and filter brew methods where its easy to use different water (i.e. you boil a kettle). For espresso machines, you would need to use their internal reservoir and manually fill it – which can be a hassle.

    • I notice the potions are coloured – what is in them and is it safe?

      To make things more exciting, we add a dash of colouring. We only use very safe colouring agents and add a tiny amount – a fraction of what you would find in a simple sports drink. It is such a small amount that it has no impact on taste or brewing.

    • I do not have RO water – can you deliver pre-mixed solutions?

      We are working on this – the challenge is its quite expensive to ship 5-10 kg containers and we would need to charge shipping (e.g. GrabExpress) and for a plastic container. But yes, we can probably do this, and hopefully you'd be able to return the containers too.

    • How exactly does Potion Lab work?

      Potion Lab is a patent-pending design created to allow mixing bespoke solutions from stock mineral sources. It's simple to use and with our calculator tools, allows you to create different mixtures in seconds for your own testing. It's a lot more accurate and consistent than dissolving powders and gives you flexibility. However, it's a much larger investment and they are currently in development, so we have limited availability.

    • What minerals do I need for the Potion Lab?

      We provide everything including the bottles. When you run low on stock solutions, you can purchase refills of each mineral from us – we pre-weigh the exact amount you need to add to a full bottle to give the expected concentration. We ensure the salts we sources are of high purity, safety, and from reliable suppliers.

    • How can I better understand the chemistry behind all this?

      Visit our docs page to learn more. Our founder has a PhD in chemistry and has gone to great lengths to experiment, learn and articulate how the mineral chemistry affects coffee brewing (which can be very hard to understand without the right background). We are also considering future seminars and workshops dedicated to using Potion Lab and mastering water chemistry for coffee.